About us

Vinospol Mutěnice is one of the leading wine importers and distributors in the Czech Republic. The company’s seat is in Mutěnice, South Moravia, and it operates 6 distribution warehouses in the Czech Republic.

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Our history

Since its establishment in 2004, Vinospol has focused on the distribution of tapped wines, which was the exclusive activity of the company for a long time. Year by year, the company strengthened its position in the domestic market. A significant shift in the company development came in 2009 in the form of business cooperation with new foreign partners. The company quickly became a strong player in the import of unpackaged wines from EU countries as well as other countries of the world famous for quality wine production. The brand development dynamic increased considerably. The number of employees and external workers rose as well. Apart from wine distribution, the company started developing a retail network.


Nowadays, Vinospol has nearly 50 employees and twenty external workers, which makes it a leading business partner for wine vendors dealing with end consumers, gastronomy facilities and catering companies. A priority of Vinospol is to supply quality wines for good prices to its customers and provide all the services related to wine tapping and selling.

Vinospol is your professional partner in tapped wine import and sale.

Tank wine import

We offer a wide range of wines, mostly internationally produced. Thanks to long-term contacts and contracts, we are able to select wines for you based on the strictest criteria.

After thorough treatment in line with enological procedures, analyses and stabilization, all imported unpackaged wines go into large tanks with a minimum capacity of 1 million litres. The stored wines and their quality are protected by nitrogen atmosphere. Tapped wines are distributed in disposable bag-in-box (BiB) packaging, KEG barrels, tanks and cubic tanks.

  • Professional and qualified supervision of imported wine quality
  • Storage spaces for 1 million litres of wine
  • Distribution warehouses all over the Czech Republic
  • Tapping equipment available for lending
  • Wine delivery
  • Food industry nitrogen supply
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