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Wines in Bag-in-Box packaging

The Bag-in-Box packaging technology does not affect the wine taste. The fact that the wine does not come in contact with air during filling and does not oxidize after opening is a unique advantage. Therefore, it maintains its properties long-term, which is the most important aspect in wine distribution.

Moreover, Bag-in-Box is a type of modern eco packaging. The packaging manufacturing requires less energy than the manufacturing of glass and the individual packaging components can be recycled. Bag-in-Box is an original Australian patent from 1965. The packaging material is supplied to us by the global holding Smurfit Kappa, including a state-of-the-art, fully automated line that we use for BiB packaging.

Bag-in-Box packaging advantages

  • Maintains and protects wine quality
  • Ensures long shelf life
  • Provides for a safe filling process
  • Significantly reduces transport and storage costs
  • Uses less packaging material than solid packaging options
  • Is easy to use and guarantees content volume