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Let us invite you to Mutěnice, the largest wine municipality of the Moravian Slovakia wine sub-region, a sought-after destination for all wine lovers.

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Mutěnice cellars

Mutěnice cellars (Mutěnské búdy) are a peculiarity of this wine-making centre; the cellars here are run by nearly 600 wine-making families. The cellars are of various ages and designs. You can find quaint cellars of our grandfathers as well as those with modern equipment, tasting rooms, sitting areas and accommodation. The entry front, called “Žůdro”, and the traditional painted Moravian Slovakia ornaments or sgraffiti are the typical features of the majority of the Mutěnice cellars.

Church of Saint Catherine

The empress Maria Theresa had the St. Catherine’s Church built in 1769 at the site of a dilapidated chapel. Although the building shell was completed quickly, all exterior and interior finishes took a long time so the church was blessed by the Dean of Milotice, Bartoloměj Goltman, only on St. Catherine's Day, 25th of November 1775. The church has undergone several significant construction alterations that are worth seeing. There is a ceramic relief of St. Catherine above the main church entrance as a commemoration.

Vyšicko viewing tower

In 2018, a 12-metre triangular viewing tower was opened at the highest point of Mutěnice, the Vyšicko hill (267 m. a. s. l.), consisting of a steel structure and a wooden staircase. The tower offers a 360 view from a roofed platform at 9 metres; from here, you can enjoy the picturesque and jagged surroundings of Mutěnice, you can see the White Carpathians in the distance, Chřiby with the Buchlov Castle, as well as Pálava and Babí lom near Strážovice.